III. The Clash of Graffiti and STREET ART

Slipcase – ISBN 978-91-984651-4-3
Paperback – ISBN 978-91-984651-5-0  published February 2019

In this set of two books–slipcase, Christer Löfgren uses a new approach to explore the art of graffiti and wall paintings. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, this collection of photographs manifests his excellent in the documentation of the subject. Once again he finds a new expression of his photography. This time, documenting the collective knowledge of Graffiti and Street Art. It stretches over 36 countries and in remote places as the Antarctic, Greenland, and Svalbard. The first book is explaining the methods and motives behind the artists.

Today, when graffiti is a criminal act and at the same moment accepted by the community as inspiring as any art before. The second book is showing the many variations of expressions of artistic endeavor in counties all over the globe.

It is not just the more prominent countries that express the knowledge of mastering this genre. The expression is widespread all over the communities in the world, with more or less artistic hight.

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