II. MAN – thoughts about humankind

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In this set of three chapters, Christer Löfgren uses a new approach to explore the emotions of human-kind. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, this collection of photographs manifests his excellent and aggressive uncensored pictures, depicting a pure expression of humanity. In MAN–Thoughts About Mankind, we find interactions between people and an extravagant representation of feelings and expressions.

Marching for those who can't. Demonstration in Stockholm, Sweden.

Documentary photography, buried last century, the credibility vanished with the exploration of the software Photo­shop. The notion of manipulated photos made it impossible to judge it’s authenticity. Never the less, documentary photography has not drowned in the world of photo manipulation, and there is still an interest in documentation and ”straight photography”.

Happy New Year 2015.

Today, in the twenty-first century, with the explosion of the information society and where the digital camera has become an everyday commodity. The smartphone, combined with Instagram and Facebook, have created a blast of ”Selfies” that nobody can avoid. Even politicians use a selfie to promote them self.

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