I. From North To The South Pole–LATITUDE

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In these three chapters, photographer Christer Löfgren explores the geographic term Latitude. From the North to the South is a collection of images that show the diverse and multifaceted world in which we live. These colorful and excellent photographs are a lovely source with which to broaden our vision and understand the complex and beautiful world as a global whole.

78.74 N Norway Svalbard Polar bear feeding on seal on drifting ice outside Svalbard.

Latitude represents the horizontal position in a geographic system. It is rendered by lines running parallel to the equator. Its counterpart is longitude, which one finds shown as the vertical lines on the same maps.

Every country’s culture is affected by its latitude and the climate that it creates. How one dresses, drives a car, hunts, eats and sleeps are all influenced by the geographic position at which that person’s habitat lies.

15.87 N IETNAM Hoi An Fishermen arrive at the fish market one early morning.

In 2017, Christer Löfgren visited the North Pole and the South Pole within the same year. As a photographer, Christer has visited and taken photographs in 60+ counties and published nine books on various subjects.


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